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2003 ARBA Convention - City of Wichita

photos by Karla Casebolt

A city park in Wichita's Old Town

One of many bronze statues I saw walking in downtown Wichita. The dog, stool, and guitar case are all part of the display.

Another bronze statue. Notice the turtle the young boy is watching in the corner as he pushes his car down the sidewalk.

Wichita is world headquarters of Big Dog Motorcycles. This Suday afternoon I heard more bikes than I saw cars. Almost no one was wearing a helmet.

This view is looking down Wichita's Old Town. I appreciate the city's effort to preserve their historic buildings, which play a significant role in the business district.

More Old Town

More Old Town

The Spaghetti Works, a historic warehouse converted into a restraurant in Wichita's Old Town, had a lovely atmosphere. The menu featured a wide selection of wonderful food with large portions. The 6 block walk back to the Convention Center was a great way to work off the meal.

This view inside the restaurant is from the stained-glass enterance looking down onto the main floor. To the left was an elevated level. Behind me and to the right led to the bar room furnished with a solid wood bar, parlor wood chairs and tables, memorabilia and Tiffany-style hanging lamps.

On my way back to the Convention Center from the Spaghetti Works restaurant I snapped this photo. A few minutes later an explosion echoed, followed by plumes of smoke and flames.

I followed the source and discovered emeregency workers responding to the incident. This car had exploded and caught fire, for whatever reason. The crew did a great job of putting the fire out quickly.

Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum



ACBA Banquet


Last Supper

City of Wichita

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