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Silvercrest Nocatee - Reg. G999
Golden Agouti / Red / White - boar
sire Silvercrest Tokatee GA/R/WH
x dam Silvercrest Ochoco GA/R/WH

Nocatee was very young and had his baby coat when this photo was taken. He is an exceptional boy. Great type, rich color, nice ears, eyes and wide shoulders with a lovely head. The pattern to his markings is a near-perfect checkerboard when viewed from above, the kind you dream for in your TSWs, but I have happily settled for him being GA/R/WH. He is very energetic and has a fiery personality. Nocatee joined the Show Team in Summer of 2004 and has performed exceptionally well.

3 Best In Show
7 Best Opposite Sex of Breed
16 Best of Variety (7 resulted in BOSB, and 3 resulted in BIS, as listed above)
*14 legs earned