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Breeders of marked varieties are presented with special challenges. With Brokens, the animals not only have to excel in patching and distribution, but type as well. When competing against other American varieties, such as Black or White Selfs, where exceptional quality already exists in the fancy, Brokens have tough competition.

Although type accounts for less points on Brokens than for Selfs or Solids and Agoutis (under ARBA Standard of Perfection), everything has to be going for a Broken Color to cinch that Best of Breed win.

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all photos taken by Karla Casebolt

Silvercrest Nocatee
Silvercrest Tacoma
Silvercrest Columbia

Silvercrest Kahneeta
H.P. & A. Wichita

Silvercrest Ocoee
Silvercrest Chehalis
Silvercrest Kewlona

Silvercrest Cheyenne
Silvercrest Tokatee
Silvercrest Ochoco

Silvercrest Omaha
Silvercrest Shoshone

NWSSR's Chiquita
Silvercrest Siskiyou
Silvercrest Coquille

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