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Originally the cavies were housed on the back porch of the house, but because I developed a severe allergy to them, my husband generously devoted 4 months of evenings and week-ends to build a caviary. Their insulated home was completed in September 2002, and comes equipped with a vented fan, heater, air conditioner, fluorescent lighting, three sliding windows, a paned entry door and a screen door with sliding glass panes. The herd is kept to a manageable number of about 30 cavies which includes breeders, show stock and pets.

(view from outside looking in through the doorway) I frequently spend time out here. Sitting in the chair while I hold a cavy is very relaxing, especially after an exhausting day at work.

Boars, show sows, and sows with new litters are housed in 18x24 condos, which are placed on moveable platforms for ease of house cleaning. Each stall is equipped with absorbant wood pellet bedding, a water bottle and a plastic food dish that secures over the tray and cage wire.

A 2x3x8 ft. galvanized stock tank houses breeder sows. Food and water are placed at opposite ends to promote exercise.

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