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It is always exciting for me when babies arrive, as this provides opportunity to see if I made good judgement in pairing a boar and sow. I'm not fooling myself into thinking that success is credited entirely upon the breeding decisions I make, because results can be unpredictable for Brokens. Attaining both clean patches, with no brindling, and well distributed patches are the most challenging aspects of breeding Brokens and TSWs. They're like a box of chocolates......

Overall improvement of the herd can be attained by matching an individual whose strengths will help minimize the weaknesses of another. As an example, if I have a boar that has great distribution but is a little weak on type, and a sow that is weaker on distribution but excellent on type, I will likely place those two together for breeding. The result is more favorable, I believe, in producing something in the litter that has better balance of type, patching and distribution than either of the parents have individually. So when a young cavy exhibits finer qualities than another currently in the breeding program, at some point, it may replace another. I usually wait until a new breeder has produced at least one litter before doing so. Faithfully culling cavies with undesirable traits and replacing one with something better is the only way to make significant progress in the development of a line. Retired breeders make great pets and I have been fortunate in finding good homes for them, boars included.

To purchase good quality stock, seek reputable breeders. However it is unrealistic to expect your first purchase to all be show quality. You work to develop that when you breed your own line. And it is not necessarily show quality parents that produce show quality babies.

Typically, I would not breed an intense-colored Broken to a dilute-colored Broken, but because Dilute Agouti Brokens are virtually non-existant in my area, I hope to create a nice quality boar from my own line which will then serve as the stud boar for the Dilute Agouti Broken line that is being developed at Silvercrest. Several of my intense Broken breeders are heterozygous for the Pink-eye locus so I know that pairing them with the Dilutes will, in theory, produce 50% Dilute Brokens, one of which will be selected as the new boar.

Arrivals in November

Updated information will be posted soon

Litters Due

sire Cool Beans' Patriot
X dam Silvercrest Quileute

sire Silvercrest Columbia GA/R/WH
X dam Silvercrest Chemeketa

sire Silvercrest Nokatee GA/R/WH
X dam Silvercrest Chemawa


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