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ARBA Convention was loads of fun but it is good to be back home. The number of entries were down and many of the regulars were unable to attend this year. The atmosphere was relaxed and low key, and many of the exhibitors agreed it was a welcome change from the usual.

Silvercrest Kalapuya received BOV for American TSW under Judge Steve Lussier. Wow! This is such a thrill being the first year a Silvercrest TSW has been exhibited at a national show. Kalapuya continues to improve with age and will certainly end her show career with an impressive record.

There just isn't enough time these days to keep the website updated as it should be, but I am working on a new look. Also, the photos page will be posted with new pictures of new cavies, so check back periodically.


Wow! What a fun and crazy week-end in Ellensburg, Washington. Many of us cavy exhibitors stayed at the same hotel, so in the evenings we gathered to visit, and laughed until our sides ached. Dinner at Rodeo City BBQ on Saturday was bittersweet. It was the Tibbetts' last show as Washington residents. Reed gave an uplifting farewell speech and he and Jan were presented with a commerative plaque in appreciation for their contributions. Best wishes to them as they move to their new home in Texas.

It was also a great week-end winning wise. Silvercrest Heceta received RIS under Judge Dana Kolstad (her 3rd leg), Silvercrest Chinook received BOB American Satin under Judge Linda Loucks (her 5th leg) and BOV under Judge Diana Armstrong, and Silvercrest Nokatee received BOV under Judge Diana Armstrong.

Because of a busy schedule, I attended only the Saturday shows at OLRCB State Convention in Newport, Oregon. It was a fun day and afterwards several of us gathered at "The Chowder Bowl" restaurant to socialize and enjoy a great meal.

Silvercrest Chinook received BOB American Satin (her 4th leg), Silvercrest Apache received BOV American TSW, and Silvercrest Nokatee received BOV American AOM, with Judge Juliet Barrera.

Hillsboro was a small, but fun, show held on Memorial Day week-end. Tracy Iverson judged and, as always, did an outstanding job. He is very efficient and moves things right along. Silvercrest Chinook received BOB American Satin, earning her 3rd leg, Silvercrest Heceta received BOV for American AOM, and Silvercrest Apache received BOV American TSW.

Canby had two great shows on May 21st and, as usual, was very well attended, attracting a high number of entries. Silvercrest Nokatee received BOV AOM (Judge Valerie Jump) and BOSB American under Judge Penny Deggelman, earning his 14th and 15th leg. Silvercrest Chinook, an American Satin junior sow, entered the first shows of her career and received BOV Marked Group A and BJB under Judge Valerie Jump, and BOSB under Judge Penny Deggelman, earning her 1st and 2nd legs. Silvercrest Heceta received BOV and BIB under Judge Penny Deggelman, earning her 2nd leg. Silvercrest Apache received BOV TSW under Judge Penny Deggelman. Silvercrest Siletz, a TSW boar, received BJB under Judge Penny Deggelman.

Silvercrest Nokatee
received BOSB at NW Follies Show A, B and D over the week-end, earning his 11th, 12th and 13th leg.

Silvercrest Nokatee
received his third Best in Show yesterday at the JSCF Pear Blossom Show in Central Point, Oregon, where he earned his 10th leg. Silvercrest Apache, American TSW, received BOV and BJB. Silvercrest Heceta received BIB and BOSB, earning her 1st leg.

Silvercrest Nocatee received Best in Show at the EERBA Specialty Show on Friday, March 18, by Judge Tracy Iverson, and again at the EERBA Open Show on Saturday, March 19, by Judge Diana Mortensen. What a thrill!

Silvercrest Apache, a TSW boar, just reached junior weight the morning of the EERBA Specialty Show. He received Best of Variety in that show and again in the Open Show on Saturday, earning two legs. He went on to receive Best Junior of Breed in the Open Show.

On 01.29.05 at the Frozen Friends Show in Portland, Silvercrest Nokatee received BOV at Show A. H.P. & A. Wichita received BOV at Show B. Silvercrest Chemawa received BOSV (AOM) and Cool Beans' Patriot received BOSV (TSW) at Show A and B.

The OCBS Winter Show, on February 5, had a wonderful turnout of exhibitors with about 180 cavies entered in each show. Judge Juliet Barrera awarded Silvercrest Nokatee BOV (AOM) and BOSB, and Cool Beans' Patriot BOV (TSW) at Show A. Judge Reed Tibbetts awarded Silvercrest Chemawa BOV (AOM) and Silvercrest Nokatee BOSV (AOM) at Show B.

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