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Silvercrest Tacoma
Golden Agouti / Red / White - boar
sire H.P. & A. Wichita GA/R/WH
x dam Silvercrest Coquille TSW

There is so much going for this handsome guy - very clean patching, good distribution, rich color going all the way to the skin, nice eyes and ears, great texture to his coat, firm flesh, wide shoulders and a crown already developing. Tacoma is heterozygous at the agouti locus, and carries a pink-eye gene, so is capable of producing Intense Brokens, Dilute Brokens, Dilute Agouti Brokens and TSW's, when placed with a sow genetically appropriate. Wow! Talk about versatility.


1 Best Opposite Sex of Breed
1 Best Junior of Breed
1 Best Junior of Variety (ACBA Specialty)
*1 leg earned