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Silvercrest Kenosha
Golden Agouti / White - boar
sire Jola's Cooper GA/WH
x dam Silvercrest Kahlua GA/R/WH

This big guy was my show boar in 2002 and early 2003. He was then retired to the breeding program. His first sired litter, born 12.31.02, included Silvercrest Ochoco, a beautiful GA/R/WH sow, who won Best of Breed as a junior at the 2003 OCBS Winter Show. Kenosha, who is very good-natured and has a gentle disposition, retired from breeding in 2003. He remains at Silvercrest where he serves as companion to recently weaned boars waiting breeding age.

3 Best of Variety
2 Best Opposite Sex of Variety
*1 leg earned