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Wow! Convention came and went and here it is already Thanksgiving. I had a great week in Providence, Rhode Island, and met many new friends in the fancy, several of them Broken and TSW American breeders with whom I will be staying in contact.

What great fortune that I was able to aquire a beautiful American TSW boar at Convention, purchased from Cool Beans Caviary. This little guy is a welcome, and much sought after, stud to my TSW line. I may even enter him in a few shows after the first of the year. He was placed in breeding today with two virgin sows and two sows that are each carrying a litter from another boar. As soon as they deliver they will be backbred to the new boar.

The number of litters arriving in Novemeber dropped but December should pick up a bit. I anxiously await the TSW litters from the new boar that should begin arriving in February.

The Fall Fancy brought the OCBS 2004 show season to a close. This has been a special year of celebration for OCBS as it marked its 20th year anniversary as an ARBA State Specialty Club, a milestone, and I am proud to be a member amongst this fine group of fanciers. Opportunity and growth lie ahead and I welcome the challenge to see our club grow even stronger in membership and involvement.

Silvercrest Nocatee received Best of Variety, Silvercrest Chehalis received Best Opposite Sex of Variety, and Silvercrest Chiloquin received Best Junior of Breed for Show A under Judge Dana Kolstad.

Silvercrest Chippewa received Best of Variety and Best Opposite Sex of Breed, receiving his first leg, Silvercrest Chehalis recieived Best Opposite Sex of Variety, and Silvercrest Nocatee received Best Senior of Breed for Show B under Judge Tracy Iverson.

ARBA Convention in Providence is just over a week away. The number of entries are a bit down this year, however, there is a very good showing of Americans in the 'Any Other Marked' variety. It should be exciting!

I look forward to meeting up with new friends I made at the 2004 Specialty Show and 2003 Convention. Best of luck to Tracy Iverson as he makes his third presentation of Tans.

Silvercrest Nocatee
received Best of Variety on October 9th, under Judge Roy Colver, at the OCBS show in St. Helens, Oregon. This little guy is 5 months old and, to date, has earned 5 legs.

Silvercrest Chehalis
received BOSV, earning her 6th leg.

Silvercrest Nokatee received Best of Variety and Best Opposite Sex of Breed under Judge Tracy Iverson at The High Desert Hop in Redmond, Oregon, on September 11th, receiving his 4th leg. Silvercrest Chehalis received Best Opposite Sex of Variety.

H.P & A. Wichita received his 12th and 13th leg at the WCF shows in Bothell, Washington, on August 4th. This boar has performed exceptionally well over the last year, in spite of the fact he has remained in breeding the entire duration. He is well deserving of an extended vacation so, except for an occassional local show, this guy will spend all his time in breeding, producing more lovely babies.

ARBA Nationals are just around the corner. This will be my first time traveling to the Northeastern United States and I can't wait to see the beautiful colors of Fall that this area of the country is so famous for.

Once again, the Summer Show proved to be great fun and good company. The weather remained cool until early afternoon. Then it got really warm.

Silvercrest Nokatee received Best of Variety (earning his 3rd leg) and Silvercrest Chehalis received Best Opposite Sex of Variety at the Open Show under Judge Diana Mortensen. H.P. & A. Wichita received Best Opposite Sex of Breed under Judge Marny Kirkpatrick for the Round Robin Show (earning his 11th leg).

Lots of babies have arrived this month. Several will reside at Silvercrest for showing or breeding. New cavy pictures should be posted in the next few weeks.

The OCBS Summer Show is tomorrow. I can't wait! Every year this event brings a fun-filled day that includes two great shows (one is a Round Robin that is judged by all the ARBA Cavy Judges present, so the results are always exciting), a potluck, raffle, membership meeting and cavies to buy and sell. The show attracts exhibitors from throughout Oregon and many neighboring states. See you all there!

Three litters in one day! The first was born in the morning, the second in the afternoon, and the third late in the evening. What a surprise for this to occur as my caviary is small in number. Two lovely babies, a GA/R/WH sow and a TSW sow, will remain at Silvercrest and become part of the show team later in the summer.

The WSRBA State Convention in Ellensburg, WA, had a great turnout, with about 200 cavies shown at both Saturday shows and about 180 at both Sunday shows. Many folks pitched in to clerk, spot animals on the table, ramrod and keep the coops clean, enabling those traveling long distances to be on the road early.

This convention was the first show for Silvercrest Nocatee, a junior Broken boar, who received Best Opposite Sex of Breed American under Judge Juliet Barrera at Sunday Show A, earning his first leg. There were 88 cavies entered in the breed. Silvercrest Chehalis received BOV at Saturday Show B and Sunday Show B, and BOSV at Sunday Show A, earning 3 additional legs and making her eligible for Grand Champion registration. H.P & A. Wichita received BOV at Saturday Show A and BOSV at Saturday Show B and Sunday Show B, earning 3 additional legs.


OLRCB hosted a week-end filled with activities at their annual state convention. Friday night included a Judges Conference (all rabbit topics, so left early), Saturday was a Specialty Show and Open Show, and Sunday was a Youth Show and Open Show. A raffle was held both days.
Rain greeted us all for most of the week-end but my spirits were not dampened as it is always great fun for me to meet up once again with my fellow fanciers.

H.P. & A. Wichita received BOV for the Saturday Specialty Show, and BOV and BOSB for the Sunday Open Show. Silvercrest Chehalis received BOSV for Saturday Specialty Show and Open Show, and Sunday Open Show.

ACBA Specialty Show photos are posted......finally! See the "Upcoming Shows" page for the link.

Exhibitors were found wrapped in fleece blankets and zipped in warm jackets due to the cool breeze that persisted throught the day at the Hillsboro Show, but Judge Tracy Iverson kept the show moving right along, enabling us to pack ourselves and our pigs in warm cars without delay.

Silvercrest Tacoma received Best of Variety AOM and Best Opposite Sex of Breed American, Silvercrest Chehalis received Best Opposite Sex of Variety AOM, and Silvercrest Omaha received Best Opposite Sex of Variety TSW.

The Crazy 8 Show was one of the biggest attended for OCBS in some time. About 230 cavies were exhibited in each show. Reed and Jan Tibbetts, bless their hearts, judged until about 6:30 PM.

Silvercrest Tacoma received Best Junior of Breed for Show B, H.P. & A. Wichita received Best of Variety for Show A, and Silvercrest Chehalis received Best Opposite Sex of Variety for Show A and Show B.

2004 ACBA Specialty photos will be posted soon.

ACBA Specialty came and went so quickly. Although this was the second Specialty I attended, it was the first one in which I brought cavies to enter. Silvercrest Tacoma competed against 6 other juniors to receive Best Junior of Variety.

The Petco Show, hosted yesterday by WCCF in Portland, OR, was great fun. H.P. & A. Wichita recieved BOSB, Silvercrest Kewlona received BOV, and Silvercrest Shoshone received BOV.

It is hard to believe ACBA Specialty Show is this week. There are several breeders I will meet for the first time and many with whom I will become reaquainted. According to Don Petersen's report this is the largest turnout ever for entries. To all who are traveling to Noblesville this week - safe journey, and see you all there! Ummmm.........dreaming of Spamburgers.


EERBA hosted two shows in Eugene, Oregon, last week-end, one on Friday evening, the other on Saturday. At the Friday evening show Silvercrest Shoshone received BOV for TSW. Reg. H.P. & A. Wichita received BOV and a second leg, and Reg. Silvercrest Kewlona received BOSV, both for AOM. On Saturday, Reg. H.P. & A. Wichita again received BOV and a third leg, making him eligible for ARBA Registered Grand Champion certification. Reg. Silvercrest Kewlona received BOSV and a fourth leg.

A project is underway to develop a small line of DA/OR/WH Brokens, with the Dilute Agouti consisting of a lilac base with orange tip, commonly referred to as Salmon Agouti. My primary line will continue to remain the intense colors, but the Salmon Agouti/Orange/White color combination is very appealing to me and uncommon in the Northwest.

Thanks to WCF for hosting two great shows in Enumclaw, both of which had impressive turn-outs.

Silvercrest Chehalis, a junior, received BOSV for Show A, earning a leg in the first show of her career. Silvercrest Kewlona received BOV for Show B and a third leg, making her eligible for ARBA Registered Grand Champion certification. Silvercrest Tokatee received BOSV for Show B, earning his first leg.

The "Photos" page has been updated with new pigs. Two litters are due this month and many more boars and sows are in breeding. To view a complete list, go to the "Litters" page.

Hope to see many exhibitors from the northwest at the WCF Enumclaw Show on March 6th. It should be lots of fun!

Silvercrest Kewlona received Best of Variety on 02.07.04 for Show A and Show B at the OCBS Winter Show in Eugene, Oregon, earning 2 legs. Her ARBA Application for Registration was submitted that day, making her the first registered cavy for Silvercrest and one step towards my goal of attaining a 100% registered line. H.P. & A. Wichita received Best Opposite Sex of Variety for Show B, earning 1 leg.

Babies, babies, babies! And I couldn't be more thrilled about the clean patching, distribution of color and improved type that is being produced in this latest generation.

Two more litters arrived this last week. See details on the "Litters" page. The big surprise was getting a DA/WH (lilac base, orange tips, pink eyes) baby from pairing a TSW with a GA/R/WH. Mom is TSW (with both of her parents being TSW) and Dad is GA/R/WH (with both of his parents being GA/R/WH). Dilute colors can be found beginning with the 3rd generation back on Mom’s side and REO/WH can be found beginning with the 4th generation back on Dad’s side, but no Dilute Agouti on either pedigree. Hmmmm.....

The first litter of 2004 arrived Sunday. See details on the "Litters" page.

Finally! The ARBA Convention photos are posted. Go to the "Shows" page to click on the link. Enjoy!


Several litters are expected throughout the month of January. Visit the "Litters" page for a listing of sows due in early 2004 and those that are in breeding. My expectation for the coming year is that these newest litters bring Silvercrest one step closer to it's goal of producing an established line of American Broken Colors that consistantly exhibits great type, patching and distribution. Stay tuned!

The ARBA Convention was nothing short of spectacular. I met so many wonderful cavy fanciers for the first time, several with whom I plan to stay in touch. The greyhound races on Saturday were so much fun and the buffet really good. Other memorable events were the ACBA Banquet, The Last Supper and, of course, the announcement of the show winners. A link to photos will soon be posted on the "Shows" page.

A beautiful new boar, purchased at the convention from David Hardesty (H.P. & A. Caviary), now resides at Silvercrest. This good natured little guy, who I named H.P & A. Wichita, is nicely marked and will make a fine addition to the herd. He is now in breeding with Silvercrest Ochoco, Silvercrest Coquille and Silvercrest Siskiyou.

With anticipation, I look forward to attending the ACBA Specialty Show and ARBA National Convention in 2004.

Silvercrest Siskiyou, a TSW sow exhibited by my son, won Best in Show at the OCBS Fall Fancy sanctioned Youth Show in Eugene, OR. At the Open Show Silvercrest Ochoco won Best of Variety and Silvercrest Tokatee won Best Opposite Sex of Variety. It was a fun day. The Fall Fancy Show was a great success, and what was most encouraging to me was that every exhibitor for the Youth show was new. Watch for photos of the show to be posted this week.

The countdown to Wichita begins!

The first annual OCBS Fall Fancy Show is October 25th. Lots of fun activities are planned. This show kicks off the 20th year anniversary of Oregon Cavy Breeders Society. A great year of celebration is planned for 2004.

It is hard to believe that ARBA Convention is less than two weeks away. Excitement is building! This will be my first trip to Nationals and having a cavy to enter gives me much to look forward to. Many fanciers I have yet to meet in person so I look forward to placing faces to names I hear regularly and hope to create new friendships at this event.

The caviary is transitioning to a new breeding set-up. Several of the condos will be replaced with 4x2x2 galvanized tubs placed on movable shelving units. Look for new pictures on the Caviary page soon. See you all in Kansas.

Silvercrest is going to Wichita!

Silvercrest Kewlona recieved Best Junior of Breed in Redmond on September 13, her first show. How exciting! Silvercrest Ochoco recieved Best of Variety and Silvercrest Tokatee received Best Opposite Sex of Variety. I am quite anxious to get a litter out of Ochoco so she will be placed in breeding at the end of the show season in November.

Photos of the OCBS Summer Show now posted. To view them go to the Shows page

The OCBS Summer Show was loads of fun, with a full day that included two shows (Open Show and Round Robin Show), a potluck, raffle, membership meeting, futurity judging, and a gathering of new and old friends from several states including Oregon, Washington and California. Photos will be posted soon.

Silvercrest Ochoco earned her second and third leg, one as Best of Variety at the Open Show, with Waldemar Perez judging, and the other as Best of Variety at the Round Robin Show, with Marny Kirkpatrick judging. Silvercrest Shaniko earned his fourth leg as Best Opposite Sex of Variety at the Open Show, and Silvercrest Tokatee won Best Opposite Sex of Variety at the Round Robin Show.

Several more cavies are in breeding with litters expected the beginning of October.

Two more litters arrived in the last two weeks. Silvercrest Kewlona, a ga/r/wh sow out of Silvercrest Cheyenne, will reside at the caviary. One more sow, NWSSR's Chiquita, is due to deliver about July 15th.

New photos of the caviary are posted. To view a look inside click here.

The OCBS Summer Show is less than three weeks away. This is one of the club's best shows and lots of activities are planned, such as an open show, round robin show, futurity, potluck, raffle and membership meeting.

Attending the ACBA Specialty Show sparked a renewed desire in me to breed exceptional broken colors, and raised the bar on the level of quality I hope to achieve in my line. I can't remember seeing so many nicely marked American ts/w's at one show, and the Best of Variety for the broken Americans was one of the finest I have seen. The ga/r/wh had everything going for it - type, color, patching, distribution.

See photos of American broken color judging on ACBA Specialty Show page.

The ACBA Specialty Show is just around the corner and I look forward to the fun and excitement in store, as it will be my first time attending this national event. I am tagging this trip on to a business trip to Las Vegas, so I will not be entering any of my own cavies, but still, I look forward to making new friends and meeting those fanciers, breeders and exhibitors whose names I see mentioned often in the cavy world.

More babies arrived Sunday, April 6. Silvercrest Tiawah delivered two boars ands two sows. Interestingly, there is one whose head is has a large black patch on one side with the remainder of the head white - a trait I definately want to capitilize on, as something other than "dutch" face markings are appearing in the offspring. Another welcome occurance is the fairly equal balance of boars and sows in the litters overall.

Babies arrived Sunday, March 30. Silvercrest Illahee delivered two boars and one sow. Silvercrest Tiawah is due to deliver her litter any day.

The 2003 show season is off to a great start. Silvercrest Shaniko, a ga/r/wh boar, received "Best of Variety" and "Best Intermediate of Breed" at the WCCF Frozen Friends Show A in St Helens, and "Best Opposite Sex of Breed" at the OCBS Winter Show A in Eugene. Silvercrest Ochoco, a ga/r/wh junior sow, received "Best of Breed" at the OCBS Winter Show A in Eugene. It was her first show.

The breeding program is kicking in to gear with three sows currently bred and litters due the end of March through beginning of May. Another sow will go into breeding next week.

As always, I look forward to attending more shows, meeting with friends and learning more from those who make it all look so easy. Until next time....

Karla :0=)

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